Friday, March 21, 2014

Summer Wish List

70 degrees means one thing...I want summer.  And along with that? I want new summery clothes and fun things for my family's 4th of July beach trip.

summer wishlist

I've been fighting an inner Chaco debate.  Are the hideous?  Yes.  Are they comfortable?  Yes.  Do I care what I look like when I'm wearing running shorts and t-shirts?  No.  Do I want a pair of chacos for romping around in this spring and summer?  Yes.

Those Lilly Shorts?  They're the cutest Fox print!  My college's mascot is a vixen (female fox), so I think these shorts need to get into my closet even though the last thing I need is another pair of shorts.

That adorable Harding Lane cross stitch hat?  An American flag...perfect for the 4th of July in Cape May!

A new pair of sneaks for running around town?  My newest "hobby" is hitting the gym, pounding out some miles, or walking the Dairy Loop.  By the end of the semester, these sweet Asics might need to find a place in my closet.

What's on your summer wish list?


  1. I have those exact sneakers and love them!

  2. That swimsuit is just too cute! I love it! I don't think that it's ever to early to start dreaming about summer, haha!

    The Life & Times of Belle

  3. Haha your inner Chaco debate is incredibly relatable! I'm nannying this summer, so that probably justifies romping around in them, right?! :)

  4. I feel the same way about my Birkenstocks as you do about Chacos. Except I try to dress my Birks up by pairing them with Lilly shifts. Life is too short to have hurry feet.