Friday, April 25, 2014

Don't Forget Your... #talkderbytome

One more day until my favorite event of the year!  Since this is my second year attending Foxfield, I thought I'd share a few things I learned last year so that y'all won't have to suffer through your first year like I did!

When packing your bag (or purse or cooler, or whatever!) there are a few things that are non negotiable.  Now, you don't want to over pack and weigh yourself down with unneeded things, but there are some things that you just need to bring.

Don't Forget Your...

Sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses are the most important.  
I came home with the worst sunburn of my life last year, and I would never wish that amount of pain and discomfort on anyone...not even my worst enemy!  It was terrible, and I was in pain for weeks.

Some kind of cup to hold your drink of choice.
We'll be bringing mason jars and plastic Lilly cups...mimosas for the over 21 crowd and orange juice spritzers for our younger friends.

A snack.
You're outside.  All day.  In 80 degree weather.  Most likely drinking.  Bring yourself a snack to eat during the day and a snack for the ride home.  Thank me later.

The service at Foxfield is terrible.  Let me rephrase that.  There might be wonderful service, but because there are hundreds of college kids try to contact one another, it is almost impossible to make any calls or send any text messages.  Because the service is so terrible, your phone dies really quickly because it is continually searching for service.  I would either recommend turning your phone on airplane mode to conserve battery but still be able to take pictures, or bringing a travel charger so you can instagram all those fun pictures on the ride home!

(6) not pictured
Hand sanitizer and a small pack of tissues
You are essentially going to be in a field all day...who knows what kind of nasty things you'll encounter.  Additionally, the port-a-johns aren't glamorous.  Last year they ran out of toilet paper almost immediately, so help yourself by bringing some tissues or toilet paper.

Just a few more quick tips...
- Make plans to meet up with the friends you aren't traveling with BEFORE you arrive at Foxfield.  Give them your plot number, or arrange to meet at a certain location (Vineyard Vines tent, the ADAPT tent, etc) at a certain time.

- Apply sunscreen before you arrive AND reapply all day long.  I cannot repeat this enough.  Learn from my mistakes.

- Takes lots of pictures!  You'll regret it if you don't!

- If you're over 21, don't forget to pack non-alcoholic beverages!  Supplement your cooler with water bottles, Gatorade, or something else to help re-hydrate you!

Are any of y'all going to be at Foxfield?  I would love to meet you if you'll be there!  Breck of Whim of the South and I will be at the Vineyard Vines tent in the orange section (infield, where most of the UVa fraternity plots are) at 10am, and we'd love to see you!