Monday, May 5, 2014

Hi friends!

It's officially crunch time!  Classes end tomorrow and exams start on Friday.  Luckily, I only have one sit down exam, so I'll be coming home Friday afternoon or Saturday morning!

However...before I get to go home I have a to do list a mile long!  Two take home finals, a final project, and packing up my dorm room!

finals week

Luckily I'll have some of my favorite (and most necessary) things by my side to keep this week from getting too rough.  Lots of caffeine, my favorite pens for color coding my notes and agenda, comfy library clothes, water, snacks, and unfortunately, a big ole pile of textbooks.

When do y'all start your final exams?


  1. Good Luck with your finals! I know your gonna rock them! What type of pens are those? I need some for school!

  2. My finals are this week too and I just can't believe it! This year went by too fast. Good luck on finals!

  3. I just finished my final papers, but I don't have exams till June, now! Good luck with your finals!