Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Choosing The Perfect Beach Bag

As I mentioned in a past blog post, my family will be going on a beach vacation for the first time in a few years.  We're usually lake-vacationers, so preparing for this beach vacation has been a little challenging.  I'm hesitant to bring a nice bag onto the beach because of the sand, so I've rounded up a few options that would make great beach bags for now, and would be perfect to use for other purposes after vacation.
beach bag

The first thing I was looking for in a beach bag was something that would be easily cleaned if something spilled inside (sunscreen or a drink) and that the sand that will inevitably make it's way inside could be easily disposed of.

Secondly, I looked for options that would be great for the beach, but that I would also use other times during the year.

Lastly, I looked for options that would be large enough to carry multiple towels, sunscreen, drinks, and snacks so that all of my beach needs would fit in one bag to tote them down to the water.

I already own a Lilly Pulitzer Cooler Tote from a beach trip a few years ago, but I was going to pick up a new market tote for this beach trip.  They're cheap ($10), and I just can't get enough of the Lobstah Roll print.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet?), this bag is pretty much sold out everywhere.

What kind of bag would you choose for the beach?


  1. I usually go with my old UVA Vineyard Vines tote!

  2. I use my Lilly Market Tote as a beach bag and it's been far better than any of my legit beach bags! I was sitting too close to the water when the tide came in and the water washed over the bag but nothing inside got wet. The sand also doesn't stick to the bag so you can just shake it out.