Monday, July 7, 2014

Necessary Apps for NYC

I've officially been interning in NYC for over a month.  I'm happy to report that I haven't been lost, even once, and with a little help from a few apps, I feel completely comfortable navigating the city.  I know a lot of my blog friends will be coming to NYC this week for the Smart Girls Summit, so I just wanted share some of my most necessary apps so that hopefully you, too, will also avoid getting lost!

Embark NYC
-Address to address (or subway station to station) directions for easy navigation
- App also includes subway schedule so you can see when trains are scheduled to arrive

NYC Subway Map
- Subway map that is available even when you don't have any service
- Perfect for when you're underground and you need to see where to make a transfer or which stop to get off

- A taxi service that you request pick up from your iPhone
- No money is exchanged between the rider and driver, you pay on the app using your credit card or paypal account
- You can split the fare with other riders through the app
- Use code "4x9u0" for your first ride free (up to $30)

Can't wait to see everyone in the city!


  1. I wish I was back in the city attending the conference! Have SO much fun!\

    Constance || Prep Northwest