Friday, July 11, 2014

Recently Read: Jean Kwok

Firstly, sorry for my absence this week!  Between having Bess in town, seeing her for the first time in a year, and attending the Smart Girls Group Conference, I've been enjoying everything going on without worrying about my "digital" life.  I'll be sharing more about the SGG conference next week, and photos from some of my adventures with Bess, so I hope you'll come back on Monday!

While at the beach last week, I was so excited to be able just spend time relaxing in the sun with a great book in my hands. When I was looking for books to pack, my sister recommended Jean Kwok's first book, Girl In Translation.  I finished it in less than 48 hours, before we even left for vacation, so I started right in on Kwok's second book, Mambo in Chinatown upon arriving at the beach.

Although I appreciated the flow and story of Girl In Translation, I also enjoyed the sequel, Mambo In Chinatown.  It's rare for me to enjoy a sequel, as much as the first, but Kwok certainly delivered with this great pair of books!  Both books were enlightening to the history and struggles of a minority group I didn't know very much about.

If you're looking for an interesting, heart warming, funny-at-times-but-might-make-you-cry, pair of books, look no further!



  1. I might pick these up! I've been looking for a fun, easy summer read. Thanks for the rec!

    Constance || Prep Northwest