Monday, July 21, 2014

Smart Girls Group Conference

About two weeks ago, I attended the Smart Girls Group Conference.  As I've mentioned many times on here, SGG has changed my life.  I've met some of the most inspiring, motivated, and hilarious people through SGG, and the founder, Emily, has allowed me to work for The Guide in ways that I didn't think I would ever be able to be involved.

I've been drafting this post for almost a week now.  I needed some downtime to process the entire conference and write a post that did the event justice.

The conference's speakers included Kayla Webley, Senior News Editor of Marie Claire, Brenda Berkman, first female fire fighter of the FDNY, Shiza Shahid, cofounder and CEO of The Malala Fund, and Stephanie Ruhle, managing editor of Bloomberg TV, among many others!

(and who better to take on the SGG conference & NYC with, than my partner in crime, Bess!) 

The speakers ranged in topics from career development, finding your passion, how to use your talents to benefit others, and even how to dress professionally.  I was so impressed that each speaker brought something new to the table.  After two days of speakers, I think we had only repeated topics once or twice, which I think is incredible!

Additionally, and one of my favorite parts of the conference, was being able to put "online" personas and names to faces.  I've been working with some of my Smart Girl Sisters on the Guide for over a year now, and I was finally able to meet some of them at the conference.

I could probably write an entire blog post about Emily Raleigh.  To make it short and sweet...thank you, thank you, thank you, to Miss Emily Raleigh for everything you've done so far, and everything that's going to take off in 2015.

Almost two weeks later, I'm still processing some of the speakers...and while I wished I could write a more succinct post, this will have to do for now.