Monday, August 11, 2014

Dorm 101: Storage

In my three years of college, I've moved in and out of four dorm rooms (and in less than a week, we'll add my fifth and final dorm room).  If there is one thing I can emphasize enough, you will never have too many bins and shelves for storage.  Dorm rooms have limited closet and dresser space, so you have to be creative and use all available storage options.

dorm storage

Some of my favorite storage bins from from Lilly Pulitzer (Lifeguard Press) and Scout.  They are study bins made out of some kind of vinyl material, so you can easily wipe them out with a Lysol wipe if they get dirty or something spills inside.

The most important piece of advice I would give, is to categorize your items.  For example, I just one Lilly bin for all of my dishes and snacks.  By keeping like items together, you are more likely to use them because you can easily find them.

I'm like every other college girl.... I have about 4 times as many clothes as my dorm room has storage for.  If you are allowed to have bed risers (check your dorm regulations first!) I highly recommend using them!  By lifting your bed even six inches off the ground, you will be able to slide bins or drawer sets under your bed for additional clothing storage.  I use a Scout under bed tote (I couldn't find it on their website, but their lidded trunk would work just as well!) to hold extra towels and sheets.  Additionally, I use another under the bed container to hold sweaters, scarves, and vests in the summer and shorts and sandals in the winter.

I highly recommend an over-the-door hook rack because it is the perfect place to hang your wet towels to allow them to fully dry (no mold, please!) and a jacket or two.

It's all about figuring out what works best for you and for the items you brought to school.  However, after four dorm rooms and three years of practice, I can definitely say that these are my "must-have" storage/organization items.

Just remember, when everything has a place, it's easier to clean up and it's easier to find things!



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