Monday, August 25, 2014

Dorm 101 : Roommate Tips

I've had both really good and really...subpar roommates.  So I feel like I am qualified to write this post in hopes that you will only have a really good roommate experience!  Although I don't have a roommate this year, I have hall mates that I am sharing the bathroom with, so I will even be applying some of these tips to my own life.

I know most of these tips seem pretty simple, and even maybe dumb, but I've witnessed roommate situations go the wrong way because people weren't being genuinely courteous.

I know not everyone is as much of a neat freak as I am, but when you're living with another person, cleaning up after yourself is necessary.  You are probably sharing an extremely small room with another person, and when you add two people's worth of stuff, even the slightest mess will be a disaster.  Be considerate of your roommate's things and space, and keep your side of the room tidy.

Shortly after arriving at school, Sweet Briar's RA's encourage (more like require) their residents to fill out a roommate contract that helps to set ground rules for the year.  These contracts involve things such as quiet hours, sharing, bringing guys back to the room, and anything else that could cause student's to have a fight.  Even if your RA doesn't require you to fill out a contract, I think it is so important to talk with your roommate so you are both on the same page as far as what the other person wants.

And finally, use common sense!  If you are about to do something that you wouldn't want your roommate to do to you...don't do it!  It's as simple as that!

What are some of your best roommate tips?