Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Glory Glory!

(sorry in advance for the photo overload!)

One of my favorite things at Sweet Briar is the traditions.  You name it, we've got a tradition for it.  During each semester, we have something called step singing.  The seniors don their robes and tap club hats and sit on the senior steps while the underclasswomen gather around.  Each class year writes songs to the other class years.  Spring step singing is fun, but fall step singing is every more exciting for me because that's the night that my tap club, the Chung Mungs, "tap" their new babies.

If any of y'all are new, tap clubs are Sweet Briar's equivalent of sororities.  One main difference is that the potential moments do not participate in any kind of recruitment, instead the current members choose new members.  It's not a mutual selection process.

The Class of 2017 singing to the senior class.

My tap sisters

I cannot even explain how excited I was to "tap" my baby.  Kate is one of my closest friends, and I am so excited to have her in the family!

The Chung Mungs are coming to get you!

Welcome to the Ghostly 13, babies!

Our babies chalk campus with our names and our symbol, hoping to cover more ground space than our rival club, Tau Phi.

Gardenia & Orchid

Left - My cousin lineage
Right - kWe, cBc, rMe, and kBe

I'm sure I'll be back with more Chung Mung photos as the week goes on, but I'm just so excited for all of the little ones to join our sisterhood!

Rebecca (or should I say Gardenia)


  1. Yay! So exciting! (And her name is Kathleen? I like her.)

  2. I have never heard of this "tapping" but it sounds like you had a blast and the pictures speak volumes of the fun you had!