Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How I Do It: Mornings

Last week, Dorothy posted about a day in her life, and it inspired me to create a new series about my routines and "how I do it" (hence the name of the series!)  Maybe I'm just nosey, but I find these kinds of posts really interesting!

Even though I don't start class at the same time every day, I try to wake up at the same time every day.  Not only does this help my body to become used to a routine, it makes the actual getting out of bed much easier.  Even though we're only three weeks into the semester, my body is already waking up around 7:40 without an alarm clock.  Of course there are some days when I have to wake up a bit earlier if I have an early morning meeting or need to finish up some last minute work, but with my current course load and commitment schedule, I've found 7:40 to be a pretty good base wake up time.

I try to prepare for the morning the night before by putting my books out on my desk or right into my backpack, picking out an outfit or two, and making sure that all of my electronics are plugged in to charge.  This alleviates a lot of the stress and time-consuming activities in the morning so that I can wake up a bit later and quickly get ready for my day.

What do you do in your  morning routine to keep your mornings peaceful?


  1. Looks pretty similar to my morning routine in college too!

  2. You forgot the part where you text or Snapchat me and/or ask for my opinion on your outfit and/or hair flip emoji

  3. Love this post! I will definitely refer back to it once I'm in college so I can plan my own morning routine!

  4. Love it! It's wonderful how making the bed makes such a big difference. Lately I've been taking time to journal every morning. Even if it's only a couple sentences, I like being able to get down my thoughts/dreams/goals first thing. I also watch the Colbert Report as I do my hair and makeup. It's such a funny and informative way to start the day... IMHO, much better than traditional news stations :)