Monday, September 8, 2014

Long time no talk!

Long time no talk!  It's been almost three weeks since my last blog post...oops!  It has been an insane three weeks, to say the least.  In that amount of time I... assisted with first year orientation, had my last first day of fall semester, had an extremely difficult week of crazy events on campus, and even a spontaneous weekend road trip home with my friend Katharine.

Instead of boring you with the tales of the past three's a recap from my instagram! (By the way, my instagram is rebecca_mill...even when I'm not blogging, I'm posting on insta!)

Um hello, gorgeous.  Sweet Briar's campus is definitely beautiful!  The view on the left is what I see when I look out the window over my desk.  The view on the right is overlooking campus from monument hill.

I'm finally happy with my bed!  The bedding I used last year was ruined in storage over the summer, so my mom and I were challenged to find something new in a town with six colleges during freshman move in.  Needless to say, it was a bit of a challenge!  Luckily my bed is really high off the ground, so we went with a full size quilt and it just hangs down further than a twin size would have!  Perfect, because it covers my under-the-bed storage.  My bed still didn't feel home-y, so when I went home over the weekend, I brought back a down duvet for the end of my bed.  It really ties in the colors of my room, and keeps me warm because my dorm building seems to stay on the extremely chilly side of things!  (If you can't find me, I'm probably under the duvet...oops!)

This cute little corgi is my big's pup!  Her name is Lilly and she is the absolute cutest!  My big lives on campus and is working for the college, which means that I have access to Lilly essentially whenever I need a little canine therapy!  I dog sat the first weekend of school while my big was away, and it cemented my need for a pup post grad.

A couple #ootds...
One last wear of my white jeans for the season, and a first day outfit matching my Whitney English Day Designer

And a little studying because...well...that's why I'm here!

Just a few pics from my spontaneous trip home.
My little Alice was so happy to have me home...especially Saturday night when she gave me not even a foot of space in my bed while she took up the rest of the space!

What have y'all been up to lately?


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