Friday, October 3, 2014

September Favorites

I seriously can't believe it's already October.  The first month of school flew by so quickly!  On various occasions in the past week I've even said to my friends that it doesn't seem like we've already been seniors for an entire month!

Tumbler / After being thrown back into dorm living, I'm trying my hardest to avoid getting sick.  Staying hydrated plays a big part in this fight...and having a cute tumbler to carry to class and the library doesn't hurt!

Glasses / I got these glasses back in the middle of the summer.  (They're the Tory Burch 2040 frames, in case your interested.)  I've really been loving them even more this fall because 1) I can see the board better in class and 2) they're the perfect statement piece in every outfit.

Wallet / This Kate Spade "Darla" wallet is perfect for college because it has a keyring for your dorm keys, a space for your ID card, a change compartment, and a space to keep any additional cards or cash.

Facewash / I was a little scared by this facewash at first, due to the dark brown color.  But I had heard great things about it, so I just had to try it.  It claims to remove eye makeup, impurities, and environmental pollutants.  I give Everyday Coconut's Cleansing Face Wash an A+.  My skin has felt so clean, and it really does remove eye makeup!!

Pirate's Booty / This is my favorite snack.  I bought the Costco bag last time I was home.  I don't think this needs any more explanation.

Bracelet / I'm sure y'all have seen these shotgun shell bracelets floating around on instagram and pinterest.  I'm a big fan of a stack of bracelets on the daily, and these are just so cute...and neutral!  

Cowboy Boots / I guess you can say I've finally been bitten by the Southern bug.  When I came to Sweet Briar, I never thought I would wear cowboy boots.  But I've seen a lot of my friends wearing them, and I've realized how many outfits they would look great with.  I went with this cute Justin pair with a scalloped edge, and I couldn't be more pleased!

What have you been loving this month?


  1. I still love those glasses. I need new ones and am thinking about larger tortoiseshell ones (larger than the ones I have, which were the ones you used to have).

  2. I know what you mean about cowboy boots. I was born in SC and now live in VA. It's shocking I don't own a closet full (yet).