Monday, October 6, 2014

What She Wore: Gingham

Vest: G.H. Bass / Button Down: J. Crew / Boots: G.H. Bass / Earrings: Banana Republic / Watch: Fossil

Sometimes I get 7 inches of hair cut off, and sometimes (more like all the time) my salon happens to be in an old mansion, and sometimes that means there are beautiful buildings and well-kept lawns.  I'm not super in love with the way my hairdresser styled my hair, but it looked 100% better yesterday when I styled it myself!

This is the first of many outfit posts consisting of layers, layers, layers, vests, and more layers.  I can't say it enough, but I am so happy it's getting chillier outside.  I'm sort of dreading winter - that terrible cold where even a sweater, vest, and Barbour isn't enough.  But for now, I'll take in these brisk fall favorite temperatures.



  1. I have naturally curly hair so when I go to get a cut they either want to straighten it (which almost never lasts more than the day) or they want to blow it out (which I just end up fixing when I get home).
    I think your hair looks amazing and the outfit is super cute too!

  2. You look gorgeous. (What, 2 serious comments in a row? Who am I turning into?)

  3. You are so cute! I love the green gingham under the navy puffer, and your glasses are perfect!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  4. love this look so much!! you are beautiful!
    xx, Bess