Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

With Thanksgiving, sadly, past, and Black Friday shopping in full swing, it's officially Christmas season.  I figured my mom isn't the only one asking for my list (although she's probably already done Christmas shopping by the time you read this!).  Maybe you'll find a few things on my list to add to your own.

The worst thing about getting older is that the things you put on your wish list become more and more expensive.  You're no longer asking for an outfit for your American Girl Doll or the latest Lisa Frank coloring book.  I, in no way, expect to receive everything on my list.  In fact, if I even received one of the things on my list, I would be more than grateful.  By providing an extensive list, it gives your family a chance to pick something meaningful to them, to give to you.

In my opinion, the best way Christmas lists include a mix of high and low prices.  Additionally, they include a mix of "wants" and "needs."  (Although, to be honest, I don't really need anything.  But some of the gifts are a little more practical than others.)

The lens for my new camera, eye shadow palette, and perfume rollerball are fairly practical.  However, the new pair of cowboy boots, Patagonia vest, and Barbour scarf are more of a dream list than reality.  Like do I really need two pairs of cowboy boots  Well, no.  I purchased my first pair in the beginning of the school year and didn't expect to wear them quite so much.  They're a softer leather and I worry that if I wear them too often they'll wear out super quickly.  But receiving a second pair would be a luxury, because in reality I could obviously wear out the first pair before buying a second.

What's on your wish list this Christmas?