Friday, November 21, 2014

Gift Guide: Friends

I've not been one to hop on the gift guide bandwagon in the past, but as I head home for Thanksgiving break, I've been thinking about what I plan to pick up to gift my friends when I return to school.  I go to school literally in the middle of no where, so unless I want to buy everything online, it's easier for me to pick up a few things while I'm home.

I have a few super close friends who I want to pick up  more personal and thoughtful gifts, but for some of my tap club sisters and other friends, it's nice to have things on hand to gift, especially if they give you something and you weren't expecting a present from them!

I've thrown together some basic ideas, but it's easy to take these ideas and then either personalize them for a specific friend, or find something in the same genre to have on hand.

The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing gifts for friends, is to pick something you would be excited to receive.  Even if it's something small, like the pair of fuzzy socks or a bottle of nail polish, just that little treat could brighten someone's day.  Sometimes those small treats are even more exciting, especially since your friend will be in the midst of final papers and final exams when you're giving gifts!

Maybe your group of friends isn't into gift giving, consider going out for a fun dinner before leaving for break.  I'm not talking about an expensive meal, but even just taking a study break at the local Mexican restaurant would be a fun.  For me, it's all about spending time with my friends before leaving for break.

What are you giving your friends this holiday season?

p.s., Are you interested in more gift guides?  For what genres/groups of people, if so?


  1. all great suggestions!! I always found it hard in college to know what small gifts to have on hand.

  2. This is such a great gift guide! Love it, girl! Happy Friday:)

    Dana | Pink Champagne Problems

  3. That needlepoint Lilly keychain is ah-dorable!