Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giveaway Winner + What's Up

Congratulations to Patti LeBlanc for winning the Chloe + Isabel statement necklace.  Please email me with your contact information in the next 24 hours (by 11AM EST on 12/13/14) to claim your prize.  If I do not hear from you in 24 hours, the prize will go to the next winner.

Thank you for everyone who entered, and I hope you'll consider Chloe + Isabel's GEM program in the future, if you're a college student!


In other news, the next two weeks are going to include a lot of studying, paper writing, presentations, and all of those fun things that come along with the end of the semester.

I'm still not really sure if this is good or not, but by the last day of classes, next Friday, I'll be done with everything for all of my classes, except one.  I don't have any sit down exams, and during exam week I'll only have my Spanish Translation portfolio to finish up.  That means the last two weeks of classes are going to be complete insanity, but I think it will pay off when I'm at home relaxing while all of my classmates are still at school taking exams, ha!

Off to continue studying!


  1. Your exams run so late! We're currently in our last week of classes and have exams next week. Panic mode has definitely set in - good luck with the rest of your school year!