Monday, January 19, 2015

Photo Diary: Denver, Colorado

On my last full day in Denver, Bess, Mrs. Pearson, and I went downtown to Union Station and the 16th Street Mall.  Earlier in the trip, Bess and I had accidentally gone to a different area of downtown that wasn't so great.  Bess was turned off to the downtown area, and I just thought downtown Denver was like every other big city.  However, the downtown area with Union Station was so much nicer, and it actually reminded Bess and I of Boston and other New England cities.

Union Station's interior had been redone recently and was reopened in early 2014.  The interiors, from the white walls down to the cozy furniture, really helped us to understand why this train station is called Denver's Living Room.  It isn't the kind of train station you want to get in and out of as quickly as possible, like New York City's Penn Station, instead, you want to take your time and stay awhile.  The station had a variety of restaurants, including a location of Snooze.  Bess and I had gone to a different location of Snooze earlier in the week, and their brunch menu was to die for!

I ended up liking Denver a lot more than I expected.  I didn't make my travel plans based on the city, but rather based on who I would get the chance to spend time with while there, so liking the city was an added bonus.  I definitely want to visit when the weather is more optimal for outdoor activities, as I can only imagine the views of Denver from the peaks of the mountains!