Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Photo Diary: Maplewood, NJ

I really wish there were more hours in a day so I could easily balance all of the responsibilities I have going on right and still find time to blog.  I've had these pictures in a draft since the last weekend of winter vacation, but time escaped me and I never got around to finishing it up.  While coming up for air last night between papers and cover letters, I decided that a fifteen minute blog break was the perfect solution.


While in New Jersey on winter break, my mom, sister, and I grabbed lunch at Arturo's in Maplewood and then browsed at one of our favorite bookstores, [words].  The three of us had tried to have dinner at Arturo's back in the summer, but their dining area is so small and even though we arrived right when they opened, there was an hour wait.  We decided to go for a late lunch this time, and we were seated right away.

The pizza was delicious, and I could have easily returned to Arturo's for another meal.  I then understood why the wait was so long the last time we tried to dine at Arturo's.  Part of the charm of the restaurant is the small dining room and the aesthetic of the decoration.



  1. No way!! I used to live in Maplewood!

  2. ughh that looks so good right now...love you!

  3. Your photographic eye gets better and better

  4. The food looks amazing, and the photos are beautiful!!