Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweet Briar Strong.

In my short twenty-two years of life, I've already been given two opportunities that have shaped me into the woman I am today.  The first opportunity was a full-scholarship to Linden Hall School for Girls.  I learned to question, to think harder, to lead, and to laugh during my time at Linden Hall.  The second opportunity was an acceptance to the college of my dreams - Sweet Briar College.

It is with a heavy heart, that I write this post.  Because I never thought I would live to see the day that this would happen.  On August 25, 2015, Sweet Briar College will cease operations.  My graduating class, the class of 2015, will be the last receive diplomas, and after the summer session, the college will close.

Over the past four years, Sweet Briar has become more than just my college.  It has become my home.  I have learned more than I could ever imagined, tried new things that turned out to be my passion, and made friendships that are sure to last a life time.  Although I'm lucky that I will be able to walk across that stage and collect my Sweet Briar diploma, many of my bestfriends are not in the same situation.  They will be forced to find new homes to complete their degrees.  Although they may not earn their degree here, I think all Sweet Briar alums can agree that they've earned their rose and are true Sweet Briar women.

I have been given the gift to attend two all-female institutions.  I have been given the gift to thrive in these environments.  I have been given the opportunity to uphold the legacy of female education in a time when it's the unpopular choice.  I hate that my future children won't have the option to attend Sweet Briar in my footsteps.

I doubt this will be the last post about Sweet Briar, because more so than ever, I'm determined to document not only my four years, but the history of Sweet Briar.  But this is really all I can muster up for today...



  1. I saw your fb post and couldn't believe it! So, so shocking. Sorry for your loss. So glad you are able to graduate from there. I cannot imagine being a freshman-Junior and know having to figure out what to do!

  2. I saw a post about this on Facebook today from someone from my high school who graduated from Sweet Briar. I am so sorry - I can't even imagine how you must feel! I'm glad you will be able to at least graduate from there.

  3. I am so sorry! I heard about this on Facebook and immediately thought of you.