Friday, April 10, 2015

Sweet Briar Bucket List

Bruch at Robin Alexander
(I grabbed their price fixed brunch on a Sunday morning last year with Breck and I've been meaning to go back with my friends Katharine and Madi!  Their brunch menu has lots of great options and the prices aren't bad either!)

Hike around Sweet Briar
(There's 3,250 acres.  I should probably see a bit more of this beautiful place!)

Lunch at Magnolias
(Katharine and I got Madi gluten free birthday cupcakes at Magnolias back in February.  While we were there ordering, we saw some of their sandwiches and other lunch foods...and they looked amazing!  So we've been meaning to pick up lunch there one day!)

Pet a horse
(It only seems fitting that I pet a horse at some point during my last few weeks at SBC.)

Go to the Amherst Museum
(Once again, it just seems like something I should do before I leave Central Virginia...)

Go to Sweet Spot when the taco truck is also there
(The Sweet Spot is an ice cream truck that's permanently located on the side of US 29.  Their ice cream is great, but in the fall they also occasionally had a taco food truck.  I don't know about you, but ice cream and tacos are some of my favorite foods, so why not enjoy them at the same time!)

Hillcats Game
(The Hillcats are Lynchburg's Minor League baseball team.  I've been to their games in the past.  While the baseball isn't actually very good at all, it's a fun time with friends.)

Looks like I've got my work cut out for me considering graduation is just a few weeks away!



  1. Love this! I made a similar list right before graduating from UVA. It was so fun checking off everything and taking advantage of what Cville had to offer.