Tuesday, August 18, 2015

White Jeans Confident

In my opinion, wearing white jeans can go one of two ways.  Either you feel like a million bucks because white jeans are universally flattering and make you look tan, or you're nervous the entire time you wear them because you're scared you might spill on them or sit in something gross.  

Now, I love wearing white jeans in the summer...they look great with essentially every kind of top.  But, I'm also one of the world's clumsiest people.  Like to be honest, the moment I got out of the car after taking these pictures, my neighbors huge Mastiff-Labrador mixes (they have two) came over to greet me and got slobber all over the front of my pants.  I've also been known to miss my mouth while taking a drink and end up with liquid all down the front of me...
*insert the emoji with the monkey covering his eyes*

However, there are a few things I keep handy in my purse or wallet for those times when I'm inevitably making a mess.  For food spills or dog slobber issues (this happens to me more than you'd think because my neighbor's dogs happen to think my dad and I are just sooooo much more fun than their own parents), a tide to go pen and a pack of wet wipes are necessary.  Yes, I'm 22, and I carry around a travel pack of baby wipes...they're actually really great for removing stains from your clothes...who knew! I also like to keep a few U by Kotex liners in my wallet or tote for those mysterious moments when your period comes and you think you're unprepared but then you're relieved because you're wearing white jeans and you actually do have something with you!

This summer, U by Kotex came out with an awesome new product.  Exclusively at Wal Mart, they have packages of several different products with bonus backs attached.  These bonus packs are great to toss in your work tote or your overnight bag...you never know when you or a friend will be in need, and with their small size, it's easy to fit in any sort of bag.  Knowing I have a back up plan for both myself and my friends makes me confident enough to wear white jeans all the time (except after Labor Day, of course!)

With just having started my first full time job, I haven't been the most confident in my work...I never know exactly what my boss is looking for, but I'm a people pleaser, so it's hard to take criticism that could have been avoided if I had known more about the project.  Wearing an outfit that's comfortable and makes me feel confident gives me one less thing to worry about once I step into the office.  My work place is pretty casual on days when we're in the office, so a button down and white jeans or a blouse and Minnie pants is perfectly acceptable for work.  Lucky for me since those are two of my favorite go-to feel-good outfits!

What's your power confidence outfit?  A pair of white jeans?  Sassy red heels?  Or that worn in button down that's so comfortable it feels like pjs?


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  1. I honestly LIVE in my gingham shirt! It's so comfortable and easy to throw on and yet still look polished