Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Currently in November...

Remember me? Just your friend Rebecca who hasn't posted on this little ole blog since September..oops! I'm working on redesigning the blog, coming up with some new content, and getting back into the swing of things....but better way to start off than with a long update!

reading …  Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
watching … How To Get Away with Murder! My mom and I recently rewatched the first season so that we would remember everything going into the second season.
trying … to not go to bed at 7pm even though it’s already dark by the time I get out of work
cooking … lots of baked goods – specifically pumpkin muffins!
eating … soups and chili – it’s the perfect time of year to cook up a huge pot of soup and then take it for lunch throughout the week
drinking … way too much coffee and tea.
calling … Nordstrom because apparently I never accepted the “Terms and Conditions” on my Nordstrom card which is why it never worked for me!
tweeting … far too many snarky things regarding the stupidity I encounter on a daily basis
going … to Europe in March! Stay tuned for more details about my euro trip!
loving … that it’s finally chilly out which means that I can bring out my favorite sweaters and scarves
hating … being in Pennsylvania while all of my friends are in Virginia
feeling … anxious for a big work event that is taking place on Friday
hoping (for) … peace in countries that are currently experiencing turmoil
listening (to) … old Mumford and Sons.  Something about late fall always makes me want to listen to Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers.
celebrating … the small victories in life like selling an ad at work or getting a new shirt in the mail on time to wear to a special event
smelling … my favorite Cinnamon Sugar Donut candle from Bath and Bodyworks
ordering … some new booties to keep my feet warm this winter
thanking God … that my family will all be in one place for Thanksgiving Day!
starting … to make my Christmas list! What goodies are you asking for this year?
finishing ... a new layout for the blog and with that will come some new posts!

What have y'all been up to?


Stole this fun post idea from Bailey over at Brave Love!