Friday, December 4, 2015

24 before 24

I've always been inspired by Mackenzie Horan's 101 in 1001 challenge, but I could never imagine myself able to come up with 101 tasks and actually having the ability to complete all 101 things!  Instead, I decided to come up with 24 tasks to check off before my 24th birthday on February 11, 2017.

I'm eager to dig in (in fact, three of these goals are already "in progress"), and I'll be keeping track on my 24 before 24 page which you can access from the tool bar above my header. Several of these goals have blog posts tied in with them, so you'll also see blog posts here and there about the goals, and I'll link those within the 24 before 24 page, as well!

1. Read five classic novels
2. Read at least thirty new books total.
3. Read two books in Spanish so that I don't forget the language.
3. Cook fourteen new recipes (one per month)
4. Complete three She Reads Truth or If:Equip Devotional plans.
5. Travel internationally.
6. Travel to a new state.
7. Save at least 20% of each paycheck.
8. Vote in the next presidential election.
9. Utilize the manual functions on my camera, and create two styled shoots that use these new skills.
10. Send care packages, out of the blue, to at least two of my friends who are still in college.
11. Go to four new cafes or restaurants in Lancaster, and write a blog post about each.
12. Go to the gym 3x per week for a month.
13. Mail birthday cards to my closet friends.
14. Drink at least 80 oz of water every day for a week.
15. Visit a National Park.
16. Contribute to five non-profit organizations.
17. Donate blood.
18. Go through all of my clothes and donate the things I don't need/want anymore.
19. Send 40 handwritten notes.
20. Unsubscribe to junk mail and manage email subscriptions.
21. Design and print new business cards.
22. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies.
24. Put $25 in my savings account each time I check something off this list.

Here's to a fun year and 3 months before my 24th birthday! 

xo, Rebecca


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