Friday, January 29, 2016

currently in january

Currently in January...
reading … nothing at the current moment...I need to start a new book tonight! Any recommendations?
watching … the new episodes of Law and Order: SVU. No matter how many times the producer repeats the story lines, I can't stop watching.
trying … to figure out how I can visit all of my friends who live in Virginia in one weekend trip...any ideas how I can clone myself to be in Richmond and Lynchburg at the same time?
wanting to cook this recipe for crockpot teriyaki chicken.
eating … healthier (or at least trying to!)
drinking … Harney & Sons English Breakfast Tea.
tweeting … way too many times about my unhappiness related to these chilly temperatures.
traveling… to Copenhagen, Paris, and Amsterdam in March!
loving … that we finally have a weekend with no plans! If I don't move from my bed for the entire weekend..don't tell anyone.
feeling … really tired all of the time! This dreary weather is downright depressing.
hoping (for) … sunnier days in the weeks to come!
listening (to) … a lot of George Ezra and Mumford and Sons.
celebrating … that it's almost my birthday month!
smelling … a lot of hand sanitizer. I am trying my hardest not to get sick or catch the office plague!
ordering … a pair of Nike Roshe sneakers for my upcoming trip!
thanking God … that he has led us to a new Church family that we have been searching for for nine years!
starting … to make more concrete plans for my Europe trip...we have our flights to and from Copenhagen, but now it's time to figure out the in between time while we travel to Paris and Amsterdam!
finishing ... well, the only thing I've finished in the recent past is a lot of cups of coffee..oops.
post idea inspired by Bailey over at
Brave Love Blog

What have you been up to this month?

xx, Rebecca


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