Thursday, January 7, 2016

january wishlist

Winter is alive and well in Pennsylvania, and all I want to do is hunker down with a good book, a huge thermos of tea, a down comforter, and all the wool socks.  Unfortunately, since I'm an "adult" and all, I have to fight the want to stay in bed all day and get up while it's still dark out (and a whopping 18 degrees!)

Fortunately, my office is pretty casual during "off times" (when we're not in a production week), so I've been able to layer all the scarves and sweaters with this cold front.  I've also been wearing all. of. the. scarves.  I have a pretty embarrassing scarf collection as it is, but adding another big wool scarf wouldn't hurt!  

And the best way to stay super warm on the coldest of days? Wool socks in your boots!  Technology these days is amazing and you can get merino wool socks that are thing enough to wear in your riding boots! You can never have too many pairs..especially if you're like me and change into a fresh, cozy pair with your pjs the moment you arrive home from work. #guiltyascharged

xx, Rebecca


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