Saturday, March 12, 2016

københavn: day one

We have safely arrived in Copenhagen! Despite the jet lag (and the fact that we left the 75 degree temperatures at home and arrived in Europe to 30 degree temps), we're having the best time.  The flights were smooth, and we conquered they Copenhagen Metro within minutes of arriving...and the best part is that I'm reunited with my bestfriend from high school.

Here's just a little peek of what we've been up to today...climbing to the top of the Rundentårn, eating a franske hotdog, and walking along the canal in Nyhavn.

(from the top of the Rundentårn)

(the canal in Nyhavn)

No pictures yet, but we've been biking around the city like a real Dane!  Everyone bikes here, and for the most part, the bike lanes are bigger than the car lanes!

We leave for a week in Paris and Amsterdam on Monday, and then we'll be back in Copenhagen for another three days before coming home.

xx, Rebecca


  1. Seriously I just want to live like the Danish and trade my car in for a bike. Live it up!

  2. So jealous!!! I'd love to be romping through Europe right now :)