Friday, March 18, 2016

paris in two days

What a whirlwind.  If I ever made one travel suggestion, it would be to spend more than two full days in Paris! Despite our short visit, we certainly packed a lot into each day...averaging over 30,000 steps!  On our first day, we arrived at CDG around 2pm and headed to our friend's apartment south of Paris where we would be staying.  That night, we took the train into Paris and visited Notre Dame.

The next day, we wasted no time by visiting Le Marais (and eating delicious eclairs...there will be a whole post on the food of Europe when I get home!), napping in the sun at The Parc des Buttes Chaumont, climbing all of the stairs up to Sacre Coeur, and then weaving our way back down through the winding streets of Monte Martre.

(a sneak peak of the Eiffel Tower from Sacre Coeur)

(at the Rodin Museum's sculpture gardens)

(the most glorious view of Paris from the Arc de Triomphe)

On our last night in Paris, we climbed up the Arc de Triomphe to find the best view of Paris.  I'm so glad we did it at was so magical to see the Eiffel Tower lit up!

 I'm exhausted all over again just thinking about everything we did in a little over two days! We took the train up to Amsterdam on Thurday morning, and we fly back to Copenhagen tomorrow (Saturday) evening.

xx, Rebecca


  1. Wonderful! Now you can plan to go back one day....

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