Thursday, April 7, 2016

eating my way through europe


(chicken salad on traditional danish rye bread)

(all the varieties of somersby brewed by Carlsberg in Denmark)

(pot pie and oreo pie from The American Pie Company...amazing.)

(couldn't resist the reflection of the pie lights on the marble counter tops!)

(traditional Danish brunch at Cafe Taenk)


(eclairs on our first morning in Paris)

(chocolat chaud at Angelina's near the Luxembourg Gardens)


(build your own burgers at Burgerlijk.  The homemade ketchup was amazing.)

(brunch at Bar Spek on our last morning in Amsterdam.  This was the second time we had eaten here...we also had dinner here on our first night.  Amazing little restaurant, chic aesthetic, and great food.)

Needless to say, I did a lot of eating (and in turn, a lot of walking) on my trip...and just looking at these pictures again is making me drool!

xx, Rebecca


  1. Insert all the heart-eye emojis!

  2. OMG it all looks so good! I love eating, especially while traveling.